History And Overview


De Novo Res, a prominent player in the mining and exploration industry, embarked on its illustrious journey with a vision to redefine standards and set new benchmarks in the extraction of precious metals. Founded in 2019, De Novo Res quickly established itself as a forward-thinking and innovative company, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to explore and develop mineral resources across Australia.

With a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible mining practices, De Novo Res earned a reputation as a leader in the mining sector. The company's early successes in gold and copper mining projects underscored its dedication to excellence and its ability to navigate the complexities of the industry.

As the years unfolded, De Novo Res continued to evolve, expanding its portfolio of projects and diversifying its mineral exploration initiatives. The company's unwavering dedication to operational efficiency, community engagement, and technological innovation positioned it as a trailblazer in the Australian mining landscape.

High-Performance Solutions To Investments

Sustainability Investing

We integrate ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria into the majority of our investment processes, for fundamental and quantitative strategies over a range of asset classes. We’re convinced that this approach leads to better-informed investment decisions and is therefore vital in creating value for our clients.

Quantitative Investing

We’ve been leading the way in quantitative investing for over 6 years. With our experienced research and investment teams, systematic exploitation of market inefficiencies and strong track records, you can rely on us to deliver superior investment returns.

Credit Investing

At De Novo Res Limited Trade we have a long history in credit, having been investing in corporate bonds since for years now. Today, we run an extensive range of fundamentally managed credit portfolios that are all based on in-depth research and a contrarian outlook. We also offer our clients a number of quantitative credit strategies.

Emerging Markets

Our first emerging markets equity strategy was launched in 1998 and has regularly been improved by investment process enhancements. We have continuously built on our experience through innovation, also with respect to new product launches. For example, all our strategies have incorporated quantitative models since 2001. We offer a wide range of emerging market approaches, and our track record of innovations shows we only launch strategies that have been successfully tested.

Price And Values

The fourth inefficiency that we consider is the market’s tendency to focus on high-quality growth stocks, which can lead to excessive valuations. To avoid investing in overvalued companies, we apply a deliberate value tilt by seeking to identify undervalued stocks whose earnings potential is not yet fully appreciated by the market. SFM analysis is integrated into investment processes of all of our emerging market capabilities, as we consider many SFM factors to be strong leading indicators for long-term earnings.

Manages Features

Transtrend’s trading strategies have no directional bias and can go long or short to benefit from medium-term price trends in a wide variety of futures and forward markets, including interest rates, equity related markets, currencies and commodities. The strategies systematically search for trends in outright markets as well as comparing different markets, by looking, for example, at spread differentials. Risk management is at the heart of Transtrend’s trading methodology, with a focus on managing extreme downside risk.

Commonality Of Interests

In order to achieve commonality of interests with our clients, we pay strict attention to potential conflicts of interests, avoiding them if possible and dealing fairly with them if not. We put clients' interests ahead of our own and treat all clients equally. It is our fundamental operating principle that if all of our practices were to become known, there must be no one with grounds for complaint.

Our Approach

We want our stakeholders to know that De Novo Res Limited is a financially solid, trustworthy company that embraces sustainable business as good business. A company whose heart beats for its customers, and its employees. To achieve it, we adapt our business strategy to deliver the needs of our clients.

It drives us forward by setting out what we want to achieve and how we will work together to deliver our goals across five key areas. Over the years, we continued to develop and implement our strategic approach, building on the five pillars of success – integrity, financial strength, technical competence, operational excellence and talent base.